Zabu (zabukawaiirl) wrote in ndk,

Fuuuuny stuff

I randomly searched "Anime", looking for LJ users interested in the things I am, mostly found communities tho. -_-

But I totaly came across this LJ comunity by chane and as soon as I saw the letters N, D and K, god knows I was interested, because it's the only con I ever go to!!!! But yeah, now I'm here, and it appears one ever uses this place. But I guess I'll leave an entry, to do this great place great justice.

I have been going to NDK for 3 straight years, going on 4 this year. I know nothing impressive, but I feel like a veterine when I'm around my friends who are knew to the NDK scene/ have only been there 1 or two years in a row. 

Last year, if you went, NDK 2007 I was the crazy Deidara with the really bad wig that attacked everyone with static cling power *eyeroll* I don't think I'll be doing any hardcore anime cosplay this year tho. Possibly just go the "Harajuku" rout and throw a bunch of clothes into a duffle bag and go nuts. I guess I deserve 1 year of my outfit not disfuntioning (2005- Wore a godawful DBGT T-shirt 2006- Was Itachi and spray died my hair black and the hairdye got all over my face so I had black smudges ALL OVER 2007- Terrible blong Deidara wig that clung to everything and fell off a lot) But yeah. I'm really excited for this year, I'm totaly going on the hunt for a ZabuxHaku doujin and NOBODY WILL STOP ME!!!! I really wish the Doujin booths would stop selling Naruto doujinshi with such mainstream pairings (all consisting of Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi and Iruka *moans*)

I'm an ALSO going to SO get a mudkip plushie, because I leik mudkipz.... 

So if you see a girl in crazy clothes mollesting a mudkip plushie durring NDK 2008 chances are that is me.
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